If God came down and told us what our mission in life was to be, we would do it, and find great happiness in doing it.  
Although it was not a bolt of lightning but rather a very subtle nudge after acquiring a lifetime of experience that
would lead to the ability to design and build these altars.  This I believe is my mission in life:
"To build Altars for our Lord so that his priests may use them for their mission in life"

With my wonderful wife at my side managing the business end.
Up here deep in the woods of northern Idaho along a beautiful creek we set up shop.  
heated with a wood stove, and surrounded by our dogs We have created a space and atmosphere
to get away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, and we have found happiness.  
Over the years we have built a path along the creek that leads up to a large rock grotto
where we go each day to pray.

Our Mission